Plot Outline

The Company of the Carrion Crow comes to Sandpoint at the end of the season. They are tired and wounded, damaged but with gold to last them the winter. They are looking for a quite place to rest up, heal and re-vitalize

Ameiko Kaijitsu, the owner of the Rusty Dragon Inn takes their measure when they check in, and offers them a job. If they will rid the town of the Black Hand — a criminal gang that has been squeezing her and other business owners — she will provide a house for them and supplies through the winter at no charge.

The Black Hand is the criminal front of a Chaos Cult that has infilitrated many towns over the last few years. The goons they use for street violence are sacrificial lambs. Kill one and two more take his place. Some of the other business owners have tried fighting back — only to be burned out or murdered for the pains

Cohors Corax